Social media’s effect on students and their education

Millions of clasped and everywhere in the world hugged the wounded earth’s pulsing heart when ‘Music for hope’ Andrea Bucellis historic landmark concert was streamed globally via his YouTube channel. Though it was streamed online but remember music empowers and acts as a healer.

If we see from the point of view of students then social media has played and is playing an integral part in their lives. The role and it’s importance has increased in the times of pandemic.

In the world of connecting learning the impact of social media on education has become a driving factor. When the whole world is fighting against the deadly virus then the platform of social media has only brought each and every one together. All students be it school going,college going or other aspirants have come together on one platform that is social media. We have understood that social media is as important as oxygen for our lives.

When the whole world came to a still due to pandemic then only one activity which did not cease was education.

Social media and education can complement one another if used effectively. Social media is continually developing new educational possibilities for students. It is now regarded as a learning platform that enhances overall development of the student.

I feel social media has a very important place in today’s era. It is the same way the national news broadcastmattered a lot in 1960’s. Social media has played an integral role in prompting and educating youth about gender roles, inequality, poverty, injustice and various hot topics which are effecting the world and it’s economy. The students have information and knowledge about all the current scenarios of the world due to digital platform which was earlier possible only through newspaper and magazines.

Every perspectivehas two sides just like the coin so let’s see the bigger side and the positive side of the impact that social media has made on our young achievers. This platform has given voice to the voiceless to express their opinion. So, let’s embrace it’s positive attributes and disregard it’s negative.