School plays a major role in inculcating a sense of discipline amongst the students. It is in the interest of the student to take discipline not as a burden but as a joyous pursuit for better education. Students must abide by the rules of discipline of the school which are listed below:

  1. The students are expected to come in proper school uniform. Neatness & Cleanliness must be encouraged by the parents.
  2. Regularity in attendance is compulsory. A student must get the permission of the class teacher or principal in writing in case of a leave. Absence in case of illness is acceptable without permission but an application to the effect must be sent to the principal with in two days duly supported by a medical certificate from a doctor.
  3. If a student is absent for more than 10 consecutive days without any information or permission in writing, his/her name stand liable to be struck off the rolls of the school records. The student will be re-admitted only after seeking written permission & paying the admission fees and dues if any.
  4. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours except with the approval of the principal in writing.
  5. Students suffering from a contagious disease are not allowed to attend the school. Such students will be allowed to attend the classes only if they produce suitable medical certification of fitness.
  6. Misbehaviour with the teacher, obscenity of words and deeds or repeated breach of discipline in any form will be dealt with severity & may lead to expulsion from the school, if necessary.
  7. System of warning slip will be followed to ensure proper discipline in the school.


Regularity in attendance is compulsory. A student must get minimum 75% of the total attendance in an academic year to be promoted to the next class.

Recommendations to Parents

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should make sure that their children prepare their lessons and take an active interest in the activities of the school.
  2. Parents are required to sign the progress report or any other information. Failure to do so will cause great mutual inconvenience.
  3. Parents / Guardians should not make private arrangements for tuition with the members of the staff. Defaulters are liable to punishment & any child found doing this will be suspended from the school.
  4. Parents and guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or phone number.
  5. When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention the name, class and section of their child.
  6. Parent, guardian or any person is not allowed to see the pupils or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the school authorities. Prior appointment should be made to this effect.
  7. Parents are requested not to send for their children during class hours, except in cases of unforeseen circumstances and in such cases a written application must be produced.
  8. Fleece Jackets, cardigans, Tiffin boxes, water bottles and bags must bear the name of the child.
  9. Any stationery item/Chart paper/Fluorescent sheet required during the year will be brought by the students as per the requirements.
  10. Late comers will not be admitted to the school premises.
  11. Parents are urged to send their children on the re-opening day of each term.
  12. Vacancies will not be kept for absentees, unless a written application has been sent.
  13. The Principal is empowered to insist on the withdrawal of a child in the interest of school.
  14. Children must be present till the last of each school term.
  15. An application should be addressed to the Principal when a student is not in school uniform.
  16. The students should neither damage school property nor make the school premises dirty.

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