‘Going back to school during the Covid-19 – Voices of Children’

Starting a new year at school is always full of emotions and especially during the pandemic. Part of schools in India started with the concept of hybrid learning which includes classroom teaching along with online classes to make it easy for all the students. We asked children to share how they felt that their lives have changed and how they faced all the q challenges.

Rifat Jamal (Grade Ill- 9 years)

I’m happy to return to school. Online classes were hard, learning with mobiles caused pain for the eyes.

Arohi Tripathi (Grade IV- 10 years)

I could understand the online classes but now it is easier when I am having face-to-face interaction with my teachers.

Shashwat Kedia (Grade IV- 11 years)

I’m happy to see my friends and meet new teachers. Going to school is cool.

Pratham Srivastava (Grade 111- 9 years)

Yes, I’m happy to attend my new school as I was very excited to make new friends and learn from my teachers.

Muskan Pal (Grade V- 11 years)

Online classes were interesting but now I think going to school is better. We could only see the face of the teacher and missed our classrooms.

I as a teacher feel elated to bring back the actual classroom teaching for my children. I was glad to see those smiling faces on the first day of school. Children these days are so aware of their safety that they are following all the necessary protocols related to Covid-19 keeping both themselves and their friends safe.

Looking forward to creating a more stimulating learning environment.