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Learner’s Autonomy

Archies Education Centre takes pride in its functioning where all the learners are self efficient and are responsible for all the decisions concerned with learning and the implementation of those decisions. We aim to prepare all are students for their future endeavours. We ensure that the learners become self-reliant language learners who can continue learning efficiently outside the classroom. At the heart of autonomous learning is the student’s perception of their own role as a learner. Autonomy in education fosters the skills children need to be an independent adult who challenges and contributes to a diverse, democratic society.

The way a child learns how to make decisions is by making decisions, not by following directions.” This is, perhaps, the greatest benefit of autonomy in education for children: The skills it fosters extend to their ability to make their way in all spheres of life: academic, yes, but also economic, artistic, domestic, social, and political.

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