Karadi Path

Archies Education Centre has added the curriculum of Karadi Path to improve the oratory skills of the students. The curriculum is full of very interesting stories. Our students enacted with the help of their teachers on the story called “THE TALKING CAVE

In this, we have animals BURO THE LION AND JUNO THE JACKAL.

In their act, the students showed that when Juno returns back to his cave he finds that there is something unusual and sees some footprints of an animal. Just to make himself sure…Juno starts talking to the cave.

Buro being foolish thinks the cave is magical and always replies to Juno when he returns so he starts talking to him. Juno realizes that there is a lion in the cave and he runs away.

Beautifully enacted by our students. Keep up the good work.

CALL ALL THE ANIMALS ‘DIVINE MIRRORS’—they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love, respect, kindness, and curiosity, the animals will return that.” A DOG IS THE ONLY THING ON EARTH THAT LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELF.