How to make the most out of school life? 

Most adults look back at their school life very fondly, but the school-going student always believes that they will grow up and have their best life in college or jobs. This may be true for some of us but not for everyone. Today we will discuss the ways to make the most out of your school life.

Schools are the best place to learn as well as enjoy. Every day students spend so much time in their school that it becomes their second home and teaches their parents. It is a strange place, we enter crying, and we leave crying. Let’s discuss how to make the most out of it.

Listen to your teacher 

This may sound cliche but listen to your teacher. Teachers are not always right but what they tell you will always help. Some students think that the teacher doesn’t like them but that’s not true at all. Every teacher loves you so don’t give them a reason to think otherwise. They are handling so many students in so many classes that most of the time they are under stress. So before making any negative assumptions about your teacher try to understand how stressed they are to help you succeed in your life. You should understand their situation and be compassionate to them. It helps both your teacher as well as you and improves the atmosphere in class.

Be good in one of the competitive activities (Drawing, Sports, Writing, Debate, etc.) 

When we see a notice about any competition on the notice board we immediately think ‘I am not going to participate, it’s useless”. Never think like that again. These activities seem competitively useless during school time but later in life being good at one particular thing makes you stand out from the crowd. When you start early you have a much higher chance of succeeding later in life. Choose one domain and practice daily. Be the absolute best in that activity. Winning a competition for your school is the best feeling ever. Apart from that you also get to meet interesting people with similar interests.

Learning musical instruments 

Learn any one musical instrument of your choice. You may ask what it has to do with school? In school life, you have time so you can learn it. It will act as a cool hobby and stress reliever later in your life. Learning a musical instrument is neither hard nor costly. It is a cool skill to have.


Everyone forces you to be the best in your studies, get the highest grades and be the best in the entire school. While students think that 5th marks don’t count, 8th marks don’t count. Instead of thinking like that, just think in this way. The syllabus that you learn in the 1st to 5th class acts as a base for the 6th to 8th class which in turn acts as a base for class 9th and 10th so if you pay attention from the beginning then you will have to work less later. Always try to be above average. Don’t try to score more than your friend but try to understand what is written in your book. You are completely fine if you understand everything but have an average score. Academics are a very important part of school life and it can’t be ignored.

Make friends 

Who doesn’t like friends? Friends the people around whom our life revolves. One of the most common advice that parents give is that you are in school to study and not make friends or something like you will meet far too many people later in your life. That’s true you meet too many people but none of them will ever come as close as a school friend. School friends carry a different kind of carisma to them. The friends you make in later part of your life are going to be friend for a very brief period of time. College friendship will end in college and job friendship with job but the person who will be there always is the school friend. Make friends with as many people as you can in your school life. Because “more the merrier” is only true in school life. School friend will always have your back.

Learn a language 

Learning a foreign language is both fun and knowledgeable. I still remeber the time when I started learning Spanish to talk with my Latin American friends. I wanted to master it as soon as I can. I was spending so much time. Learning a new language boosts your brain activity. So start early. Learning every language in this world is not possible but you can learn few languages. Learning a new language expends your horizon. Languages are closely related to cultures and it will help you get insight into other peoples world.

Time management 

One of the most important skill that you can learn is time management. Time management is more of a habit than a skill. Once you start looking at time as a resource you can never go back. Time is precious. Start your day by making schedule of what you have to do that day. List all the things that you can think of. Cross out the things that are not necessary. Now assign time for every activity as per your schedule. Give appropriate breaks between two activities. Don’t overwork. TIme management is not about doing most but about productivity. We are more productive when we take appropriate breaks in between activities.